The more stunning phase of the cycle of the vine , in which the amazing colours of the grapes play the lead role.

A magic period when the grapes of the red varieties start to change the green colour of the fructification phase, for the pinkish, violet and purple , characteristic of the veraison.

Whith the arrival of veraison to the doca Rioja vineyards, the process of thealcoholic and phenolic maturation of the grapes begins. With this maturation, the grapes start to accumulate sugar, aromas and phenolic compounds among which we find the factors in charge of the colour that we will discover in the wines elaborated with them.

Veraison is carried out in different ways according to the grapes varieties (generally Tempranillo is the first to start off in our area) and also to the zones where vineyards are grown and the climate . Thereby we can find vineyards in which the veraison is occurs in a shorter period of time and in othere it lengthens.

Veraison is a crucial moment when we must be very aware of the development of the vines and keep continuos track since it will mark the obtention of the highest quality grapes during the harvest.

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