It has come that time of the year when the vine plant awakes from it winter lethargy . When temperatures rise, the hormones contained within the roots of the plant start to activate once the terrain becomes warmer and the sap asceds along the vine shoots and flow through the prunning cuts as tears.

El lloro, talking about the vine plant, is a sign of joy , as it indicates that the plant is renewing from within and that starts a new cycle of life.

El lloro stops when the cuts are covered with the substances produced by the bacteria that lives over the spill and the dissolved salts that block the woody vessels.


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The quantity of lloro , will vary depending on when the prunning was carried outplanta, the latets the more lloro we will see and algo the vigour of the own vine plant and the climatology.

When the plant is totally awake, it will start to grow thanks to the accummulated reserves and it will appear buds and leaves that will conform the plant.

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