Following the line of elaboration of our winery and with a well marked frutal personality, it is now on the marketthe new vintage of our young white wine doca Rioja .
Elaborated wih 100% of the white grenache variety, that has its origen in plots with sustainability criteria.

Once it is in our winery, the must macerate with the skins. After, it is pressed and it is taken to the deposits where it ferments for about 10 days with a controlled temperature.

Once alcoholic fermentation , is concluded and after its firts racking, the wine stays in contact with its fine lees during a minimum of four months. These fine lees, add unctuosity and complexity, besides contribute to the improvement of its aromatic stability during its time in bottle.

Further more the benefits from its elaboration, it has the plus that this vintage 2022 in our town, Aldeanueva de Ebro, has been of a great quality and it is characterized by it great aromatic intensity and its balance in mouth.

The result is a wine with predominance of floral notes of white fruit, apple and peach. Wiht a notable acidity point and a long finish. Refresing and versatile, thought to be enjoyed with your apperitive or as a complement to many different gastronomic options, such as sea food, light rice recipes or asiatic food, among them.

It is a style of doca Rioja white wine that remains fresh and young, at the same time that keeps all its character.


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