The art of the barrel ageing , plays a key role in setting the characteristics that we will be able to enjoy later on in the wine; nuances and textures that turn it in such a complete beverage.

Eventhough in the old times, the use of barrels started as the result of a casuality, due to the need of finding a good way of transportation for long journeys, they discovered that the wood added special qualities that improved the wines flavour.

Wood has a key role in the ageing of wine, but even more, it provides benefits such as:

Own aromas like vanilla, cinnamon,dry fruits, coffee , etc…

Specific flavours of the oak, and according to the type of oak it is used, we will obtain flavours that remind us of moka coffee or caramel, for instance.

And phenols, that come from the grapes as well as from the oak and that complete the taste, aroma and texture of the resulting wine.

Barrels are made of different types of wood such as cherry or chesnut tree, but the most common is the one from oak because its particularities are the most appropriated for wine ageing. Although it is also fair to say, that not all types of oak are adequated and for this reason, At Bodegas Alvarez Alfaro we choose barrels of French oak y American oak that are ideal for the elaboration of our DOCa Rioja crianza wine and reserva wine.
And, in particular, for our DOCa Rioja wine Selección de Familia, our most emblematic wine, we only use new oak barrels of extra fine grain.

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