Past 12th of September we start with the 2022 harvest, firstly with the recolection of the Garnacha white grape variety, which was ready two weeks earlier than the harvest 2021.

Despiete a very demanding year as it was this 2022, due to the climatology with extremely high temperatures, equally the grapes that we are picking and the must that is being produced, have a very good parameters maintaining the freshness and a great acidity characteristic of this variety. Right now it is in the fermentation process and we feel very hopfull about the good results of the new vintage of White Garnacha wine.

garnacha_blanca_ vino doca rioja

Regarding the red grapes, we will start with the recolection on the 13th with the plots planted in the earliest areas.

On the 15th of September we begin with the harvest at the COSTALARBOL plot, chosen for the eelaboration of our DOCa RIoja wine”Selección de Familia”, with a crop of about 4000 kg/ha and in an optimum phenolic ripening state.
We acomplish the seventh “voyage”, the seventh year that we elaborate our DOCa RIoja wine “Selección de Familia”, with the grapes from this plot. For its ageing we use ten new barrels , with what we produce a limited quantity of 3000 bottles of each vintage.
We will be the next 20 months with its elaboration and ageing, and this wine will see the light in its fifth year at the winery.

You can find it in our online shop

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