The Batonnage or removing the lees (dead yeasts) involves to move the lees of the wine in the interior of the barrel with the help of a stainless steel stick with a chain at one end, with the aim of helping the oxigenation and for these lees to add all their characteristics to the wine

The stick is introduced through the bunghole of the barrel and it is carefully moved to get a redistribution of the lees that are lying at the bottom.

The contact with this dead yeasts provides complexity, unctuosity and aromas and improves the ageing potential of the wine.

Our DOCa Rioja wine Selección de Familia, goes through this process once a week, during 8 of the total months, that it is kept in barrel and it is carried out with special intensity from the third month.

A really special wine of a limited production of 3000 bottles, that you can not miss.

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