Álvarez-Alfaro Barrel Fermented White

Refinement and Unctuosity

Álvarez-Alfaro Barrel Fermented Whtie 2021

Refinement and Unctuosity

Grape Variety:


100% White Garnacha


Vintage 2021:

This grape variety is of long cycle and therefore we do the harvest at the end of September, when presenting optimum levels of maturity.

Wine Making:

The must goes directly from the press to the 225 l. It will do the fermentation here for about 7 days and will remain in the barrels for a minimum of 3 months during which the lees are moved weekly.

x After, rackings take place to eliminate the lees and it is transferred to 500 l. barrels where it will stay 8 months. x

Tasting Note:

Lovely bright golden colour.

With a very notable fresh aroma of medium-high intensity. Notes of spices and white fruit.

Fresh, unctuous and round on the palate with a persistent after taste.

Its great acidity will allow this wine to remain fresh over thime and will preserve all its aromatic complexity.

It is a wine that can be consumed even 24-30 months after the bottling.

Food Pairing:

This wine goes very well with seafood, fish, white meat and cheese.

Best Served at:



fermentado alvarez alfaro maridaje vino blanco rioja
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