When we start in the wine world, we have an idea of the clasification of the wines as young, crianza, reserva or gran reserva. The main factor is the time of ageing or maturation that every one goes under. In Rioja we have very clear rules for the wine´s classification, given by our DOCa Rioja Regulatory Board , being these :

For a young wine, wines in their first or second year that maintain the primary characteristics of freshness and fruit.

For a Crianza red wine, a minimum of 36 months os ageing, of which 12 months will be in barrel.

For a Reserva red wine, the total period of ageing will be of a minimum of 36 months between barrel and bottle, with at least 12 of these in barrel and 6 in bottle.

For a Gran Reserva red wine, the minimum ageing time will be of 5 years, of which 24 months must stay in barrel plus 24 more in bottle.

The barrels must always be of 225 litres of capacity, size that allows a major contact of the wine with the wood.

Inside the barrel the wine carries out its oxidative phase, that refines the wine and provide it with its colors.
While the reductive phase, is carried out inside the bottle.

In the barrel, the wine is micro-oxigenated and it looses part of its harshness. Adquires character and the barrel besides, give many aromatic nuances, add flavours and definition to its texture.
The liberation of tannins from the wood to the wine, brings aromatic complexity and lengthen its life time in the bottle.

The barrell cellar will always be isolated and the temperature, light and humidity level will be controlled for the wines to be aged in optimum conditions.

In Álvarez Alfaro winery we have at your disposal:

Red Crianza wine , with 14 months in French and American oak barrel and 6 months refining in bottle.

Red Reserva wine , with 36 months in French and American oak barrel with rakings every 6 months and 12 months of posterior refinament in bottle.

Premium Selección de Familia wine, aged on its lees with 20 months of maturation in extra fine grain new French oak barrel , with rakings every 3 months and an extra time of refinament in bottle before it is put on the market. A wine that comes out of our winery on its fifth year.

Additionaly to the red wine, in our online shop you can find our white wines range:

Young wine of White Garnacha

Barrel Fermented White Wine, with 3 months of ageing on its lees,and 8 more months in barrel to complete its elaboration.





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